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Bronze - Memories Chapel & Pre-Planning Centre

Almost as old as history itself, bronze art, implements and weapons from millennia past all survive to this day. In antiquity, the discovery of bronze heralded a new age for humankind. Over the centuries that followed, bronze was used by shipbuilders and artisans. This versatile metal alloy made tools and armor stronger and more durable. In a way, bronze set the stage for a better life for future generations.

All of our bronze urns, whether classic, sculpted or cold cast, are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Bronze is almost permanent, just as the legacy of a loved one will last well beyond their years. A bronze urn reflects the strength and enduring memory of a life well lived.

Cast Bronze
Bronze has long been the preferred metal for commemorative statues and other memorials. Bronze urns are some of the most beautiful, and most durable, cremation urns available.
Sheet Bronze
Suited for burial or placement in a columbarium, sheet bronze urns allow for various methods personalization.

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